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With our new version of Accelerated Reader, we now have access to all of the tests available through Renaissance.

WARNING!!  This is a link to a complete listing of available AR tests.  If you are looking up a book that is not one that we have in the SMS Libary, it would be good to check with Miss Huxford or your Language Arts Teacher to make sure your book is acceptable for your AR requirement. 

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We've got 'em!  The SMS collection is up to 83 titles!  Click on the ebooks link to the left to access them or on the Follett Shelf icon below!

Ever thought about donating a book to the library, but you weren't sure what we were looking for?  Then check out our Shenandoah Middle School Wish List on!  Try the link below!



Accelerated Reader Enterprise on Renaissance Place

Click on the Icon above to access our new version of Accelerated Reader.  This has to be done at school!  You will need to be under a teacher's log-in for access.


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Feeling the loss of seeing Miss Huxford every day to ask what you should be reading?  Then follow the link below where you can catch her as she blogs about the books she's discovering this summer!

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