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Chasing Brooklyn

By Lisa Schroeder

Hi, my name is Brooklyn.  My life has been a mess the past year.  First my boyfriend dies, and I think it can't get any worse, but I thought wrong.  Life just keep sgetting harder and harder, and it doesn't help that everytime I go to sleep I have these nightmares.  What do these nightmares mean?  Is it a clue?  Maybe a sign?  Read Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder to find out.                             

Recommended by Hailey Lohrey

Find Me

by Romily Bernard

I thought I was just Wick Tate, the computer hacker who looked into people's lives, but a diary showed up  to my house, and it changed everything.  It's a girls' named Tessa Waye, who had just been found dead, and inside her diary I find the words, "Find me."  Why would someone give this to me when all I am is a computer genius?  It turns me into more of a detective than what should be expected.  I begin to realize my whole life is involved until I solve this mystery.  As I get deeper into this, I begin to realize my sister and i are the next targets.  I start to get involved with another hacker, who turns into someone special in my life.  Once things really start to get personal, we become a dream team going against my dead-beat dad, a detective who knows all about my work, and the killer who has my family targeted.  Who or what will stop me?  

            Recommended by Kamryn Buck

Saving Red

by Sonya Sones

My name is Molly, and this is a story about me, my service dog, Pixel, my love interest, Cristo, and a homeless girl named Red, who I'm not really supposed to get involved with, but I do anyway.  Red beceomes my best friend throughout the story, but it's very hard to get her to do anything until she realizes I have some issues too.  Red ends up helping me overcome some of my problems while I sort of get her to a safe place in her life.  We all got each other to realize we aren't alone in our mini battles we fight with ourselves.            

Recommended by Kamryn Buck

Life After Juliet

by Shannon Lee Alexander

For me, I have no control over whether it's dark or light.  It's only illuminated in the theater when someone flips the switch.  The people who come in, actors or not, place me where they need me for the scene.  I am the balcony, where Juliet stands.  All year, I've seen these people grow and thrive on the stage.  They've built friendships and love.  They've been through conflicts and wins with each other; it's amazing to see them together.  I wish I could be with them, but I am only a prop.    

            Recommended by Emma Hancock

Love and Other Uknown Variables

By Shannon Lee Alexander

There's this girl.  She's the most perfect and amazing girl I've ever met.  Her smile could light up the world.  Now me, on the other hand, am an awkward, geeky, math guy.  I've always struggled with getting a girl.  (I usually end up with a bloody nose.)  This girl, though, has decided to stay, and I'm not exactly sure why.  She's mysterious and intriguing, but there's something about her, and I'm not sure what it is.  You should meet her too, maybe you can figure her out.                              

Recommended by Emma Hancock

I Am the Weapon

by Allen Zadoff

How do you make the best assassin?  You take away their fear; that is exactly what the program did; they made fearless assassins.  Zach found the chip after he was told about it by Franciso, a rogue program soldier.  Zach snuck into a camp and killed the leader that was planning terror attacks on American cities.  Zach learns many things about his father and his morals.    

            Recommended by Blake Poffenbarger


By Teri Terry

I am different from others.  I have no memories of my past.  My name is now Kyla Davis, but I don't know why I've been slated.  The government claims that they are giving me a second chance.  Personally, I can't trust anyone with my secret.  The secret of memories in my past appear in my dreams.  I have to find the truth.                              

Recommended by Taylor Rogers

The Two Towers

by J.R.R. Tolkien

They won't succeed.  This "fellowship" is already fractured and broken, as two members lay dead, and the rest are scattered throughout Middle-earth.  My bearer, the hobbit Frodo, already feels my touch, and the greed growing in the heart of the wretch.  Gollum will only speed their doom.  The fools have already carried me into Mordor, now it is only a matter of time before I am reunited with my master Sauran.    

            Recommended by Jackson Goyette

I Am the Traitor

By Allan Zadoff

I broke the first rule of my organization.  I let my feelings get in the way of my mission.  I chose to give up on the program.  I never thought I would be a traitor, but I am, and it's not good for the people I work with.  Let's just say, there is no program left.                              

Recommended by  Blake Poffenbarger

I Heart You, You Haunt Me

by Lisa Schroeder

Hi, my name is Ava.  Jackson is my boyfriend, and right now our relationship is the best it's ever been.  Jackson is the type of guy who never turns down a dare, so what happens when I dare him to do this risky dare that changed my life forever...  My dare caused Jackson to take his life and me to never see hin again, or did it?  Will this be the last time I get to talk to him?  Touch him?  Physically be with him?  Read "I Heart You, You Haunt Me" by Lisa Schroeder to find out.    

            Recommended by Hailey Lohrey