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Want to hear the true story behind Paper Hearts?  Here is an interview with Zlatka.  Below her is a link to the actual heart!

Non-Fiction Feature

Looking for an interesting non-fiction? Tune in frequently to see what we've discovered!

I had heard that the average age in Cambodia was around 25, now I know why!  As the Khmer Rouge attempted to take over the country, they wiped out entire families, entire villages.  Follow the story of Mop, a survivor!  Click on the cover for a Trailer! 

Want More Suggestions?  Click on the picture below and check out our Notable Non-Fiction Page!

Listen to Frosty!

Snow is Blowing!!

This Week's Featured Book Trailer!

What would it have been like to have been a little girl when the 1st atomic bomb dropped?  Sachiko was!  Click on the cover below, and you can watch a trailer for  

Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story!



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AR Bookfinder

With our new version of Accelerated Reader, we now have access to all of the tests available through Renaissance.

WARNING!!  This is a link to a complete listing of available AR tests.  If you are looking up a book that is not one that we have in the SHS Libary, it would be good to check with Miss Huxford or your English Teacher to make sure your book is acceptable for your AR requirement. 


Do you have a laptop or a computer at home?  Do you have an ereader or a tablet or an ipad?  Then we have books for you!

Click on the link below for access to the SHS eBook collection.  For directions, try the eBook link in the menu on the left-side of the screen!

Miss Huxford's Picks

These books really should have made some list, some where, but sadly have been neglected!  Enjoy discovering these hidden treasures with me! You can click on the cover for a book trailer!









Ever thought about donating a book to the library, but you weren't sure what we were looking for?  Then check out our Shenandoah High School Wish List on!  Try the link below!

SHS Media Center


1.   Books are checked out using the Follett automation system on the computer.  Students will use the OPAC-- On-line Public Access Catalog-- application.


2.   Each student's number is his/her student ID/lunch #.  Students can use their Student ID card to check out library materials.


3.   Books are checked out for 4 weeks.  They may be renewed or reserved.


4.   Audio Books are checked out for 4 weeks.  Students may only have 1 audio book at a time.


5.   Reference books may be checked out overnight.


6.   Students are responsible for paying the cost of lost or damaged books; audio books are quite costly.



1.   Students are to be reasonably quiet in the library.  It is not merely a gathering place.


2.   Students must have a specific need to visit the library on an individual basis and work accordingly.  Individual students must have a pass.  Passes must be shown to the Library Media Specialist upon entering, and students must sign the clipboard.  Passes must be signed before leaving.  Passes are issued for the following reasons:

a.   To work on a project, paper, or assignment.

b.   To find something to read.

c.   To find a quiet place to study and/or read.

d.   To take an Accelerated Reader Test.


3.   Food, drinks and candy may NOT be brought into nor consumed in the Library Media Center.


Computer Concerns

1.   Each student has his/her own log-in and password.  In order to access your documents from anywhere, save to One Drive.  (For assistance, see Miss Huxford).


2.   Students must talk to the Librarian before using laptops.  Tabletop PCs will be used for Accelerated Reader and the OPAC. 


3.   Email, Chat Rooms, You Tube, Face Book, Twitter, etc. are not allowed at school.


4.   When logging off of any device, you need to go to the Start button and restart.  Do not use keyboard shortcuts!!


5.   Students need to take great care with all laptops: return laptops to correct spots, plugging in power and network cables if needed.


Happy Reading!

Wondering What to Read?

Feeling the loss of seeing Miss Huxford every day to ask what you should be reading?  Then follow the link below where you can catch her as she blogs about the books she's discovering!




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