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July 2nd already! A month from today we will be back in school! Oh, my! But don't worry, there's still plenty of time to get some great reading done! I was just at Books A Million last week and made some amazing discoveries! For fans of Beauty Shop for Rent, Laura Bower has a new book out, Just Flirt! It's in my stack of "To Read."

Besides that, I've found a couple more titles for my Hunger Games enthusiasts. I think one may even be better than Hunger Games. You'll have to ask Breanne DeYoung if she agrees with me, but Divergent is excellent!

Divergent is the story of Tris. Tris lives in the Chicago of the future. What happened to the rest of the US? You never find out, but Tris' life keeps you plenty busy. Chicago is now divided into 5 factions, 5 sections. Each faction is known for something specific. Amity cares. Candor are honest. Erudite are intellectuals. Dauntless are fearless. Abegnation are selfless. When you turn 16, you chose which faction you will stay with-- the one you have been born into, or another.

Tris has just turned 16. She is Abegnation, selfless. But is that who she really is? She loves to watch the dauntless, but can she turn her back on her own faction? Can she survive the Dauntless initiation? Happy Reading! Smiley
I've been reading, I just haven't gotten on to tell you all about it!

Insurgent, sequel to Divergent, we don't have at SMS yet, but we will, and it is just as good as the 1st one! The Bad News-- Book 3 doesn't come out until next Fall! We have to wait a whole year to find out what happens next for Tris and Tobias. Now, I am going to be quite honest with you, Insurgent made me mad. I put the book down and walked away for 2 days before I could finish it! I was happy with the ending.

In The Company of Crazies-- excellent title, excellen cover, the story was disappointing. Your main character is dealing the sudden, unexpected loss of a classmate in a car accident. She's struggling, tries shoplifting, gets caught, and gets shipped off to a strange boarding school. Losing a classmate is a powerful event to heal from, however, I just don't think this book delivers the message it could.

Happy Reading! Smiley