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Well, we might wish it were a little warmer, but the sun is shining and summer vacation has begun! While you're sleeping in, running around outside, and playing too many video games, don't forget to take some time to read! As I read, I'll use this space to share with you what I find! Until next time, Happy Reading! Smiley
Finally, finally, I found some time to read, and this was a fun one! Bugged: How Insects Changed History was a rollicking good read. It was filled with pictures and little sidebard of information, all about how insects really have had an impact on exploration, the outcomes of wars, and the downfall of nations. Who knew? Did you know more people died of diseases passed on by insects than battle wounds during the Civil War? Did you know that Napoleon's real downfall was losing soldiers to typhus, wich was passed on to them via insects? Did you know that during the Civil War a doctor from the South tried infesting soldiers in the North with yellow fever from clothes of victims? Too bad the disease is actually passed by the common mosquito! You'll learn all sorts of cool facts by reading Bugged: How Insects Changed History! Happy Reading! Smiley
Calling all Holocaust fans! The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pederson and the Churchill Club was a fascinating read. Originally, Denmark simply agreed to allowing the Germans to come in and occupy their country-- supposedly to keep them safe. However, a group of teenage boys were horrified that Denmark gave up without a fight, while Norway fought back hard. So they decided to call their fellow Danes to action. First in one town, then in a second one when they moved, two brothers and a select group of friends committed acts of sabotage, in broad daylight, against the Germans. Their actions awakened an entire nation! Happy Reading! Smiley
Ah, novels in verse. My favorite genre. Only, they are slowly growing to include Memoirs in Verse. I just finsihed Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson. What a lovely story. You may know Jacqueline from her many, many books-- Locomotion, Feathers, Miracle's Boys-- but this one was her story, The story of a girl grew up during the time of the civil rights marches. The story of a girl moved from Ohio to South Carolina to New York. The story of a girl who loved her family. The story of a girl who knew, deep down, that she was a writer and never gave up on that dream. So, if you have a dream, find encouragement from Jacqueline, because dreams can come true! Happy Reading! Smiley