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I've seen the movie Schindler's List. I've heard about how he saved hundreds of Jews from the concentration camps, but The Boy on the Wooden Box offers a firsthand account of a life that was saved, actually four lives that were saved, due to Schindler's very careful actions during World War II. Leon Leyson was just a normal little boy growing up in Poland when Hitler came to power. He, his mother, his father, his 2 brothers, and his sister lived in a small town in the Polish countryside. His father was a skilled worker, so he ventured to Krakow, to the factories, to make more money for his family. When the Nazis began invading, Leon's family had to decide. Was it safer to remain in the country? Or could a big city offer more protection? This is Leon's story of what they decide, and how that decision, and many other little decisions along the way, saved most of their lives! Happy Reading! Smiley
I must be in a holocaust mood. Odette's Secrets by Maryan MacDonald was available at our Book Fair in October, and I just finished it yesterday. It is a novel in verse, and it is a slightly fictionalized account of what happened to Jewish children in France during World War II. Odette was Jewish by birth and lived in Paris when the Nazis stormed in and took over. Her father joined the French Army; her mother joined the underground French Resistance; and when life in Paris became too dangerous, Odette was sent to the countryside to live with an "adopted" family. It turns out that this happened to thousands of Jewish children in France. They were safely tucked away in rural villages and towns and thus escaped the horrors of the concentration camps. A very quick read. Enjoy and Happy Reading! Smiley
Panic by Sharon Draper. So this one is a little edgy for middle school, but it deals with issues that you need to know about, so that you can make wise decisions to help keep yourself safe. Ladies, if you ever find yourself being hurt by someone, even if they say they love you, get out! Love does not leave bruises. Gentlemen, if you know someone is being hurt, tell someone, get help, and let the one being hurt know that someone cares. As if that isn't enough to pack into one book, here's two other bit of wisdom you will glean from the characters- Diamond, Layla, Mercedes, Justin-- in Panic. First, sexting is a serious issue. Do not pose for or take inappropriate pictures with your cell! Second, never, never ever go with someone you do not know. You could find yourself in a truly horrible situation.

Panic is a gripping story of a group of teens in Ohio who are also dancers. They each have families, struggles, victories, lives, but they are pulled even closer together when one of them, Diamond, disappears. Diamond willingly went with a man who claimed he could get her into the movies. Mercedes feels guilty for having left Diamond alone at the food court for 10 minutes. Justin is in love with Layla, and it causes him pain to watch her cave in to her boyfriend Donny, over and over again. You can learn a lot from Panic, just know that you are in for a heavier read with this one. Until next time, Happy Reading! Smiley
Guys, you will love this one! I know many of you picked it up at our book fair, and if you haven't started it, I highly recommend that you do. Navy Seal Dogs by Mike Ritland is the story behind the dogs that help our elite forces. Mike is a former Navy SEAL and dog handler. When he left the service, he realized the great need for well-trained military service dogs, hence his adventure began. You'll get a little of the history of dogs in service- the Korean War, World Wars 1 & 2, Vietnam. You'll get an understanding for what makes a good military service dog, what the training looks like, and then some actual stories of dogs and their handlers and the amazing things they have been able to do and accomplish!

Even if you're just a dog lover and not a big military fan, I highly recommend Navy SEAL Dogs by Mike Ritland. Happy Reading! Smiley
If you are a history buff, Civil War fan, or Abraham Lincoln aficionado, I have a book for you. Did you know that the Secret Service was originally established to bust up counterfeiting rings? Did you know that in the late 1800's there wasn't just 1 but 2 attempts to steal Lincoln's body? And it was all connect to counterfeiting! Lincoln's Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin tells the story.

Even as far back as the original 13 colonies, counterfeiters began finding ways to literally make money without having to earn it! The Civil War made the situation much worse, and afterwards, the Midwest became a hotbed for counterfeiters. So how does this tie into Lincoln's body? Well, when Ben Boyd, an expert engraver, was finally caught and imprisoned, the counterfeiting ring was desperate. Now their fake bills were not nearly as accurate. They were desperate to find a way to break Boyd out of jail and Lincoln's body was just the ticket. To find out why, read Linconl's Grave Robbers! Happy Reading!
Finally! The other 3 ebook novella to Divergent were delivered to my Kindle on Tuesday! It's now Thursday and all 3 are now complete! More pieces of Tobias' story are filled in! How did he deal with his mother's death? How did he feel when he discovered she was still alive? How awful was his father? Did his father ever do anything kind for/to him? Why didn't he end up a leader in Dauntless? How did the alliance between Erudite and Dauntless begin and develop? When did he first notice Tris? What drew him to her? These are just some of the things you will learn reading The Initiate, The Son and The Traitor. Happy Reading! Smiley