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Posted by Miss Huxford on Thursday, May 25th, 2017.
It certainly does not feel like Summer Vacation should begin tomorrow, but it does! While you are sleeping in, I will still be getting up early and getting things set right in the library for next year, but I will soon join your ranks! I've got my lists and stacks of books ready to read!! I just hope I find enough time to get to all of them! As I finish a book, I'll tell you all about it here, so stay tuned! If you need some suggestions, check out the Summer Reading List on the main Media Center webpage. Stay Tuned and Happy Reading!
Posted by Miss Huxford on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016.
I cannot believe it is time for Summer Vacation already; although, I am ready to sleep in a little in the mornings! I hope to get somewhere between 20 to 30 books read this summer. As I do, I'll tell you a little about them! I hope you are reading plans for the summer too. If you need some suggestions, don't forget the Summer Reading list on the library's main page! Happy Reading!
Posted by Miss Huxford on Tuesday, Jun 2nd, 2015.
Well, we might wish it were a little warmer, but the sun is shining and summer vacation has begun! While you're sleeping in, running around outside, and playing too many video games, don't forget to take some time to read! As I read, I'll use this space to share with you what I find! Until next time, Happy Reading! Smiley
Posted by Miss Huxford on Thursday, Jun 12th, 2014.
I've seen the movie Schindler's List. I've heard about how he saved hundreds of Jews from the concentration camps, but The Boy on the Wooden Box offers a firsthand account of a life that was saved, actually four lives that were saved, due to Schindler's very careful actions during World War II. Leon Leyson was just a normal little boy growing up in Poland when Hitler came to power. He, his mother, his father, his 2 brothers, and his sister lived in a small town in the Polish countryside. His father was a skilled worker, so he ventured to Krakow, to the factories, to make more money for his family. When the Nazis began invading, Leon's family had to decide. Was it safer to remain in the country? Or could a big city offer more protection? This is Leon's story of what they decide, and how that decision, and many other little decisions along the way, saved most of their lives! Happy Reading! Smiley
Posted by Miss Huxford on Friday, Feb 13th, 2009.

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