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It certainly does not feel like Summer Vacation should begin tomorrow, but it does! While you are sleeping in, I will still be getting up early and getting things set right in the library for next year, but I will soon join your ranks! I've got my lists and stacks of books ready to read!! I just hope I find enough time to get to all of them! As I finish a book, I'll tell you all about it here, so stay tuned! If you need some suggestions, check out the Summer Reading List on the main Media Center webpage. Stay Tuned and Happy Reading!
So, you've been free for a week! And it hasn't rained every day of vacation! I haven't really started my vacation yet, so the voluminous amounts of reading I am looking forward to haven't happened yet, but I still have books to tell you about! Gunpowder Girls by Tanya Anderson was fabulous, in a tragic way. I didn't know that during the Civil War, the bullets that Americans were shooting at each other, were not just made in the United States, but they were mostly made by young women, both in the North and the South. Factories in the 1800s were a far cry from today. Safety regulations were virtually non-existent. So young women, with very little training, were working with gunpowder, trying to turn out as many bullets as they could as fast as they could, and the inevitable happened-- gunpowder caught fire and explosions happened.Great read about an event I had never heard of! Happy Reading!
Blood, Bullets, and Bones: The Story of Forensic Science from Sherlock Holmes to DNA. Just a little happy reading on my part! Smiley I cannot stand the sight of blood, but books on spies and crimes and investigations fascinate me! This was an excellent read. I picked up little tidbits such as, historically, poison is the murder weapon of choice; fingerprint technology was first used in China and Japan, but not for solving crimes-- it had to do with art; and France is often the leader in forensic science! So if you are ready to be fascinated, check-out Blood, Bullets and Bones. It will be on the new book shelves in August! Happy Reading!!
Looking for a message of hope? Looking for a true story of 1 person making a difference, a real difference, a teenager even? Then you need to try this little gem that I found hiding in our shelves in the 800s-- yes there is more than poetry in the 800s. I discovered this little book in a Scholastic flyer sometime this year. The title is I Will Always Write Back. It is the story of an American teen from Pennsylvania and an African teen from Zimbabwe who became pen pals in the 7th grade. Neither one had any idea how much of an impact they would have on each other's lives.
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Sonya Sones delivers once again. I just started and finished her newest release, Saving Red, today! Fabulous story about family, loss, mental illness, and first love all in one. Molly is drawn to Red while doing a community service project for school. You see, Red isn't much older than she is, yet she's living on the streets of Santa Monica. Then there's Cristo, the cute boy she meets on the Ferris Wheel. Then there's her brother. He's gone and Molly blames herself. Sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. Loved this story!!! Happy Reading!
If you are in the mood for a good mystery, then I have a book for you! Actually, it's on the Summer Reading List, Find Me by Romily Bernard. Wick is now in a foster home, and she is safe, only she doesn't really trust it. You see, Wick's dad is a criminal. He's currently in hiding somewhere, but Wick knows that he could show up at any time and find her. Wick is also a hacker. That's what her father used her for. She's trying to use her hacking skills only for good, but... Then when a classmate suicides and Wick finds the girl's journal on her front step with a note that reads "Find Me", Wick knows there is more to the story. A bit of a thriller in places! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Happy Reading!
What a fabulous Summer Read! I just finished One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank. I laughed. I cried. Literally. Yes it is a summer romance, but it is so much more than that. It explores divorce, step-siblings, planning for the future, second chances, and hope. Sophie and her brother are forced to go to Paris for the summer for their father's wedding. Dad simply up and left a year ago and never bothered to contact them until a week or two before the wedding. When they arrive, the find a step-sister who is extremely bitter about the whole thing, and Sophie does not have access to a piano, as promised, so that she can practice for upcoming auditions. Then, of course, there is a cute, French guy! Oh yeah, this was a great read, but with more substance than I expected! Happy Reading!
What if you had been a child in Hiroshima or Nagasaki when the atomic bombs dropped? What would it have done to your home? What would it have done to your family? Would you have survived?
This is the story of Sachiko by Caren Stelson. Sachiko was just a little girl, having an ordinary morning, looking forward to the start of school, when her life was changed forever. Much of her family survived the initial blast, but there were the after effects of being exposed to so much radiation. She could have easily been filled with hate, but she chose hope. Read her story to find out how and who inspired her! Happy Reading!