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It seems impossible that another school year has ended. Don't get me wrong! I am happy to sleep in an extra hour or so and not have to move every time a bell rings, but it just doesn't quite seem real yet! Reading, however, knows no season! And I just finished an excellent read, especially for guys. Dirt Bikes, Drones & Other Ways to Fly by Conrad Wesselhoft has dirt bike stunt riding, video games, and family dynamics. Arlo is good at two things-- riding a dirt bike like no-one else and flying drones on military style missions via the video game, The Drone Zone. Little does Arlo know that the U.S. Military watches Drone Zone for piloting talent, and they have noticed Arlo. Arlo is also dealing with the recent, violent, unexpected death of his mother. And, oh yeah, Lee just moved to town, a girl with golden hair who seems to think Arlo might be a good idea. A nice balance of action and realism. Happy Reading!!
What is a true friend? Would a true friend post a video of you dancing around in your underwear? Or would a true friend travel with you 300 miles to see a father you've never met and challenge you to face down those viral rumors rather than hide from them? This is what Morgan learns in #16thingsithoughtweretrue-- that really is the title of the book! I've read another book or two by this author, Janet Gurtler. She frequently writes about dysfunctional families, but this one is my favorite so far. It has really resonated with me. Happy Reading! Smiley
So... it's been a while since I posted anything. It had been a while since I finished a book. But since Wednesday I have finished two! If you like mystery, murder, and reading about people caught in the Witness Protection Program, then Fake ID by Lamar Giles. He's "Nick" this time, but Tony and his family are on thin ice. This is their 3rd relocation and last chance to stay in the program. You see, his dad just can't seem to leave the old life behind, and it looks like he's up to it again. Tony catches his dad in a late night meeting with the Mayor. Why? Then Tony's new best friend is found, dead. And the bodies just keep stacking up. What's really going on in Stepton?

I'll let that one resonate with you for a few days, then I'll tell you about the other one I enjoyed this week! Happy Reading! Smiley
Non-Fiction really can be fun! If you had told me three years ago that I would say that, I would have told you that you were crazy, but in the past two weeks I have finished to delightful non-fiction reads. Bugged: How Insects Changed History was fascinating. Did you know that more Americans died of malaria and typhus from insects bites than from battle wounds? Did you know that disease-- passed by insects-- is what really toppled Napoleon? Gross, yet fun.

Then The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pederson and the Churchill Club was fascinating. Originally, Denmark simply agreed to allowing the Germans to come in and occupy their country-- supposedly to keep them safe. However, a group of teenage boys were horrified that Denmark gave up without a fight, while Norway fought back hard. So they decided to call their fellow Danes to action. First in one town, then in a second one when they moved, two brothers and a select group of friends committed acts of sabotage, in broad daylight, against the Germans. Their actions awakened an entire nation!

Happy Reading! Smiley
Calling all fans of Graceling! I have found your next favorite book! Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearsons was fabulous! I couldn't put it down! In fact, I have re-read half of it. Thank goodness the sequel comes out tomorrow, or the wait would be too traumatizing! Kiss of Deception opens with a princess who is being married off without any input of her own. She hasn't even met the guy. So, the day of her wedding, she runs! Now, guys, don't worry, there's enough action and fighting to interest you too! The chapters rotate between the Princess's point of view-- Lia-- and Rafe and Kayden. One is the prince she stood up. One is the assassin sent to kill her. They find her, but she is not what they expected. Wonderful book! Happy Reading! Smiley