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I am only, officially, four days into summer vacation, and I've already been to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Boston! It's amazing what you can do in the pages of a book. So, I've been meaning to read Gayle Forman's duo Just One Day and Just One Year for over a year now. (And to my delighted discovery- Just One Night, a companion ebook to the set!) I so enjoyed If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle, that I was expecting good things, and I was not disappointed! This is the dually told story of Allyson & Willem. Allyson narrates Just One Day. We hear Willem's perspective in Just One Year.

On the final night of her European tour, Allyson & her friend ditch their carefully planned, carefully chaperone theater version of Shakespeare for Guerilla Will-- an interactive version of the bard that rambled all over town. At the end of the performance, Willem tosses a coin to Allyson. Was it meaningful or merely flirtatious? As fate so has it, they meet the next morning on a train bound for London, and before they part ways, Willem invites her to one day in Paris. The ever careful, always do the right thing Allyson accepts and thus begins the perfect day.

But what is a story without heartbreak and tension? And what do you do about the other 2/3/'s of Book 1 not to mention Book 2. Alas, Willem and Allyson do not part well and the rest of the story is why, how, if. Don't worry, it has a satisfying ending! Happy Reading! Smiley
Well, she's done it again! Kelly Oram has delivered another book I just couldn't put down! A is for Abstinence is the sequel to V is for Virgin. It's been 4 years, but Kyle Hamilton still can't get Virgin Val out of his head. He thought he was happy, playing his music, reveling in his fame, being engaged to Adrianna, but when that all unexpectedly changes, he finds that he has indeed never gotten over Valerie. So in true Kyle Hamilton style, he decides to try to woo her back. The catch is, the only way to get her, is to keep his hands off of her! He may even go as far as to publicly pledge his abstinence and commitment to only her! Can he do it? Is she willing to believe him, trust him, and give him another chance?

If you want to ready Kelly, you're most likely going to need to get her in ebook format; her ebook prices are quite reasonable! Avery Shaw is still my favorite by her, but The Virgin Val series isn't too far behind! Happy Reading!
Well, it was okay, but I was a bit disappointed with 45 Pounds More of Less, yet another offering in the realistic fiction field dealing with issues of obesity and over-eating. Skinny by Donna Cooner, Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee and Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught would be my preferred titles in this area. 45 Pounds is Ann's story. The child of divorce with both parents remarried and seeming to be starting "new families," Ann's coping strategy is eating. Food is her comfort. She has tried every diet imaginable, and it works for a while, but the weight always seems to find it's way back. The stimulation for weight-loss this time is her Aunt Jackie's upcoming wedding.

45 Pounds does have an uplifiting ending. It does address the issue of needing to develop a whole new attitude towards food in order to find success. It just seems to come to these conclusions after a LONG time of trying everything else and when the story does progress to this point, the resolution feels too quick!

Hopefully my next book will leave me feeling more satisfied. Until then... Happy Reading!
Panic by Sharon Draper. This is not a light read, but it deals with issues that you need to know about, so that you can make wise decisions to help keep yourself safe. Ladies, if you ever find yourself being hurt by someone, even if they say they love you, get out! Love does not leave bruises. Gentlemen, if you know someone is being hurt, tell someone, get help, and let the one being hurt know that someone cares. As if that isn't enough to pack into one book, here's two other bit of wisdom you will glean from the characters- Diamond, Layla, Mercedes, Justin-- in Panic. First, sexting is a serious issue. Do not pose for or take inappropriate pictures with your cell! Second, never, never ever go with someone you do not know. You could find yourself in a truly horrible situation.

Panic is the gripping story of a group of teens in Ohio who are also dancers. They each have families, struggles, victories, lives, but they are pulled even closer together when one of them, Diamond, disappears. Diamond willingly went with a man who claimed he could get her into the movies. Mercedes feels guilty for having left Diamond alone at the food court for 10 minutes. Justin is in love with Layla, and it causes him pain to watch her cave in to her boyfriend Donny, over and over again. Dance is where they find their release, ways to express themselves, and begin their journeys to healing. You can learn a lot from Panic, just know that you are in for a heavier read with this one. Until next time, Happy Reading! Smiley
So I just finished A Moment Comes by Jennifer Bradbury, and I am quite conflicted. The story pulled me in right away. I was in the Punjab region of India just after World War 2 with my 3 main characters agonizing over the turmoil surrounding the dividing of land that we have come to know as India and Pakistan. Margaret was British, in the region with her father, a cartographer, who was helping draw the lines. Tariq was a Muslim who worked for Margaret's father in hopes of getting an appointment into Oxford. Anupreet was a Sikh working in Margaret's house, quite a beauty, trying to stay safe. As is often true with relationships, especially when you consider the increased confusion of language barriers, the relationships between these 3 characters ebb and flow, move forward and come crashing backwards, are perfectly clear and completely confusing all at the same time.

I guess my conflict comes with the ending, and my ever-ending quest for all books to have a happy ending. It doesn't have a bad ending. I don't throw the book down ready to write the author a letter filled with my suggestions. This story, to me, stops. Yes, there is quite a bit of resolution, but we are not given a definite answer of what comes next. Of course, life doesn't usually tie up neatly after a few months of togetherness and the change that we face daily, but by golly I like for my books to tie-up neatly. But being historical fiction, I'm not sure this one could tie-up neatly, so I'll just have to use my own imagination to come up with what I think happens next! Happy Reading! Smiley
Well I am certainly glad that I have never even tried, let alone gotten hooked on drugs, especially meth. Beneath a Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson was a real eye opener for me. Laurel is just an average teen: a loving dad, a little brother who adores her, best friend Kaylee, a cheerleader. Yes, there is that little hiccup in her past; the ravages of Hurricane Katrina swiped away her mom and grandma. (Um, that is actually a huge deal! It would be for me. It is for Laurel, when she finally gets around to facing it). Then she meets T-Boom, captain of the basketball team, the "it" guy. And on that first night together, behind the 7-11 he give her her first trip to the moon. Oh, it feels so nice. The pain is all gone. But the misery is just beginning.

Please, please, please, if you ever find yourself being offered something that you don't know what it is or you really don't want to take it, just say no and walk away. Yes, they might make fun of you in the moment, but when you are whole and health and your life makes sense and their lives are a mess, who made the better choice? If you've said yes, then tell someone and get help!

Until next time, happy reading!
If you are a history buff, Civil War fan, or Abraham Lincoln aficionado, I have a book for you. Did you know that the Secret Service was originally established to bust up counterfeiting rings? Did you know that in the late 1800's there wasn't just 1 but 2 attempts to steal Lincoln's body? And it was all connect to counterfeiting! Lincoln's Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin tells the story.

Even as far back as the original 13 colonies, counterfeiters began finding ways to literally make money without having to earn it! The Civil War made the situation much worse, and afterwards, the Midwest became a hotbed for counterfeiters. So how does this tie into Lincoln's body? Well, when Ben Boyd, an expert engraver, was finally caught and imprisoned, the counterfeiting ring was desperate. Now their fake bills were not nearly as accurate. They were desperate to find a way to break Boyd out of jail and Lincoln's body was just the ticket. To find out why, read Linconl's Grave Robbers! Happy Reading!
The world knows him as dictator, tyrant, monster. She knows him only as father. This is the story of Laila in The Tyrant's Daughter. Laila's life is turned upside down when her father is not only deposed, but killed, by her uncle no less. As guards slip away one by one and citizens turn on the palace, Laila, her mother, and her brother barely escape the turmoil and end up in the United States, which is an entirely different world. Laila is not only dealing with her grief over losing her father, but also with complete disillusionment as she learns the world views her father as a tyrant, not a king. Is everything she's ever been told a lie? Will she ever figure out this American culture? Will she ever return to her home? Where will the money come from? What is her mother scheming? Find out when you read The Tyrant's Daughter. Happy Reading!
Finally! The other 3 ebook novella to Divergent were delivered to my Kindle on Tuesday! And all 3 are now complete! More pieces of Tobias' story are filled in! How did he deal with his mother's death? How did he feel when he discovered she was still alive? How awful was his father? Did his father ever do anything kind for/to him? Why didn't he end up a leader in Dauntless? How did the alliance between Erudite and Dauntless begin and develop? When did he first notice Tris? What drew him to her? These are just some of the things you will learn reading The Initiate, The Son and The Traitor. Happy Reading! Smiley
Okay, so I've been gone for a while. It's because I can't seem to come up for air from this new series I've discovered! If you love the Gallagher Girls, I've got a new series for you that takes the romance up about five notches. It is the Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone. I am finally on Book 6. This series follows Sang, a girl who just wants to be invisible. It's what she does at home. It's what she does at school. But she has moved, and when she tries to run away for the night, she meets Kota, and her world is shaken to the core. Because she not only meets Kota, but Victor and Nathan and Gabriel and Luke and North and Silas. If you want books you can't put down, this is the series for you. Be warned, they are a bit edgy-- tamer than Jennifer Echols, but more than Sarah Dessen. Happy Reading!