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Posted by Miss Huxford on Thursday, May 25th, 2017.
It certainly does not feel like Summer Vacation should begin tomorrow, but it does! While you are sleeping in, I will still be getting up early and getting things set right in the library for next year, but I will soon join your ranks! I've got my lists and stacks of books ready to read!! I just hope I find enough time to get to all of them! As I finish a book, I'll tell you all about it here, so stay tuned! If you need some suggestions, check out the Summer Reading List on the main Media Center webpage. Stay Tuned and Happy Reading!
Posted by Miss Huxford on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016.
I cannot believe it is time for Summer Vacation already; although, I am ready to sleep in a little in the mornings! I hope to get somewhere between 20 to 30 books read this summer. As I do, I'll tell you a little about them! I hope you are reading plans for the summer too. If you need some suggestions, don't forget the Summer Reading list on the library's main page! Happy Reading!
Posted by Miss Huxford on Monday, Jun 8th, 2015.
It seems impossible that another school year has ended. Don't get me wrong! I am happy to sleep in an extra hour or so and not have to move every time a bell rings, but it just doesn't quite seem real yet! Reading, however, knows no season! And I just finished an excellent read, especially for guys. Dirt Bikes, Drones & Other Ways to Fly by Conrad Wesselhoft has dirt bike stunt riding, video games, and family dynamics. Arlo is good at two things-- riding a dirt bike like no-one else and flying drones on military style missions via the video game, The Drone Zone. Little does Arlo know that the U.S. Military watches Drone Zone for piloting talent, and they have noticed Arlo. Arlo is also dealing with the recent, violent, unexpected death of his mother. And, oh yeah, Lee just moved to town, a girl with golden hair who seems to think Arlo might be a good idea. A nice balance of action and realism. Happy Reading!!
Posted by Miss Huxford on Monday, Jun 9th, 2014.
I am only, officially, four days into summer vacation, and I've already been to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Boston! It's amazing what you can do in the pages of a book. So, I've been meaning to read Gayle Forman's duo Just One Day and Just One Year for over a year now. (And to my delighted discovery- Just One Night, a companion ebook to the set!) I so enjoyed If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle, that I was expecting good things, and I was not disappointed! This is the dually told story of Allyson & Willem. Allyson narrates Just One Day. We hear Willem's perspective in Just One Year.

On the final night of her European tour, Allyson & her friend ditch their carefully planned, carefully chaperone theater version of Shakespeare for Guerilla Will-- an interactive version of the bard that rambled all over town. At the end of the performance, Willem tosses a coin to Allyson. Was it meaningful or merely flirtatious? As fate so has it, they meet the next morning on a train bound for London, and before they part ways, Willem invites her to one day in Paris. The ever careful, always do the right thing Allyson accepts and thus begins the perfect day.

But what is a story without heartbreak and tension? And what do you do about the other 2/3/'s of Book 1 not to mention Book 2. Alas, Willem and Allyson do not part well and the rest of the story is why, how, if. Don't worry, it has a satisfying ending! Happy Reading! Smiley
Posted by Miss Huxford on Thursday, Sep 6th, 2007.
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